For sale 3 rooms Old Age Home, Rehavia

3 Rooms, 60 Sqm Built area, Floor 2, Evacuation מיידי, Ceilling height 2.7 m', Manage price 7000.0


If you or one of you family members are looking for an amazing place to grow up in, a place where you will get warm and loving care with lots of activities for body and soul, trips, workshops, events, lectures and everything that interests you - You've come to the right place.At Bait Belev you will receive 24 hours of medical treatment if you need it, your apartment will be cleaned once a week & you'll get hot meals in the dining room if you wish. Get exercise in the gym, watch movies in the movie theater and most importantly in a company for life.The staff is professional, courteous, warm and loving, and will give you a response to any request or desire.The apartment is 2 bedrooms & it's in well kept condition. Also you'll have great view from it to the Knestet & Gan Saker.The price is perfect!